Chamber Membership Terms & Conditions


  • The submission of your completed membership application form and related supporting documents constitutes your acknowledgement of interest in annual membership of the Nigerian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (hereafter “the Chamber”)..
  • In accordance with the Chamber’s Membership Admission Policies, we will undertake a Due Diligence review of your application (for Individual applicants) and your organisation (for Corporate entities).
  • The Decision of the Board of the Chamber (hereafter “the Board”) on your application, including the assignment of Chamber membership class, will be final.
  • Your acceptance of the Board’s decision on your application for membership as well as the Chamber membership class assigned by the Board represents your commitment to 1 year membership of the Chamber, subject to the payment by you of all corresponding Dues & Subscriptions.

Membership Responsibilities & Benefits

  • You are obliged to comply fully with the Constitution of the Chamber (hereafter “the Constitution”) and such rules and regulations as are made by the Board from time to time and as notified to you.
  • Upon our receipt of your corresponding Dues & Subscriptions, we will advise you of your membership benefit entitlements for the membership year, pro-rated for the period from our offer of membership till the end of the Calendar Year in which your application is approved. Based on your usage, we will notify you from time to time of your balance of benefits for the membership year.
  • The Board may amend Membership Dues and Subscriptions from time to time; any such change to your corresponding Dues & Subscriptions will be notified to you and will become effective from the first day of the subsequent Calendar Year.
  • Your membership of the Chamber entitles you to participate in Chamber proceedings, attendance at and participation in periodic Chamber events, access to and receipt of periodic Chamber publications, as well as other membership benefits as set out within the Chamber’s Membership Benefits framework.
  • Your membership benefits may be amended or enhanced by decision of the Board from time to time; should such amendments or enhancements be made, we will notify you at least 60 days prior to a material change to your benefits.
  • Should you elect to call off a specific benefit entitlement, you are obliged to provide to the Chamber a reasonable period of notice to enable us to provide you with your benefit entitlement; such period of noticed required will be determined by the Chamber and notified to you from time to time.
  • Certain categories of membership benefits which are not included in our membership class offer to you may be subject to commercial or other specific terms and conditions. Such commercial or other specific terms and conditions will be notified to you on your request of such benefits.
  • Your membership of the Chamber and associated benefits are non-transferrable and expire on 31st December of each year, subject to our Offer of Renewal notice and your acceptance of membership renewal by the 31st December of each year.

Dues, Subscriptions, Payment & Invoicing

  • Upon your acceptance of our offer of membership, we will submit to you an invoice in respect of corresponding Dues & Subscriptions. Your membership of the Chamber is effective from the date of approval of your membership by the Board irrespective of the date of receipt of your payment of such corresponding Dues & Subscriptions.
  • The Chamber’s membership operates on a ‘Calendar Year’ basis. Consequently, all corresponding Dues & Subscriptions for the first year of membership will be invoiced from the date of approval of your membership application, for a period of 12 calendar months forward. Renewal notices and invoices for subsequent years will be issued during the 11th month of the current 12-month term.
  • All invoices raised by the Chamber and duly submitted to you will become due for payment on your receipt of the invoice. Should your payment become overdue for 30 days, the Chamber reserves the right to suspend your membership or services available to you in respect of the overdue sums.
  • All payments to the Chamber by you in respect of your membership of the Chamber must be made solely to the Chamber’s bank accounts stipulated in the renewal notice and invoice.
  • Any refunds to you authorised by the Chamber will be made within 30 days of approval, to the designated account notified to the Chamber in writing by you.

Chamber Obligations

  • We are obliged to deliver to you all benefits entitlements based on your membership class, subject to applicable notification periods, benefits availability and fees which may be due for such service benefits if any.
  • We will make best endeavours to promote your commercial and cultural interests and will advocate and promote the most conducive environment to achieve your objectives.
  • We will notify you of potential commercial opportunities which may be presented to the Chamber by prospective partners; where such opportunity is of a specific nature, we will engage identified Chamber members or other organisations to facilitate the development of commercial partnerships between members and business prospects.
  • We will facilitate open and constructive interaction between all members by both physical and electronic communication channels.
  • We will enable free flow of news and information on general, economic, market, regulatory and other matters across both Nigeria and Norway; such information may be distributed to you by hard-copy, web-based, electronic or other means as determined by the Chamber.
  • We will solicit and will accept periodic feedback from you to ensure the quality of our service delivery and to improve such service delivery to you.

Member Obligations

  • You are making a commitment to the Chamber’s Principles of Global Business Best Practice, to include Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity and Partnership.
  • You are obliged to participate in and to contribute to the development of the Chamber, as well as the Chamber’s member network, for mutual gain and commercial advantage.
  • You will abide by the Chamber’s Policies, Processes and Procedures as notified to all members by the Chamber.
  • You are obliged to notify the Chamber of any change of circumstances likely to have a negative impact on your demonstrable commitment to the Chamber’s Principles of Global Business Best Practice.
  • You are required to inform the Chamber of any change in control, or material change in your financial circumstances likely to represent a contingent risk to the credibility of the Chamber, our members or our partners (actual or potential).
  • You are committing to a positive and constructive engagement with the Chamber and with other members. In the unlikely event that we fail to meet your expectations, you commit to notifying us directly at the earliest opportunity.
  • You may not make false or defamatory comments about the Chamber to the press or the public, either in hard-copy or electronic format.

Information & Intellectual Property

  • The Chamber will enable news and information content on general, economic, market, regulatory and other matters across both Nigeria and Norway, distributed to you by hard-copy, web-based, electronic or other means as determined by the Chamber.
  • Such news and information provided to you by the Chamber may be acquired from 3rd party information providers. We will make every effort to ensure the quality and veracity of the information we provide; however, we do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of such information. It remains your responsibility to verify the appropriateness of such information for your use.
  • Periodically, the Chamber will produce economic, market, company, regulatory or other publication by hard-copy, web-based, electronic or other means, for the benefit of members. The Chamber reserves all intellectual Property rights and Copyright to these publications.
  • All information and Intellectual property assets provided by the Chamber to you is intended for your sole and exclusive use only. All such material may not be reproduced, duplicated, shared or sold to third parties.
  • All information and Intellectual Property assets provided by the Chamber is without liability and is to be used by you at your sole discretion.

Advisory & Limitations of Liability

  • The Chamber may provide Research, Consulting and Advisory Services on a chargeable basis to members on request, or we may recommend the services of a 3rd party provider to provide the requested service without prejudice to the Chamber. The use of such services and 3rd party providers by you will be at your sole discretion.
  • The Chamber will facilitate the introduction of members to potential partners and commercial opportunities which may be presented to the Chamber. Though all Chamber members have undergone detailed Due Diligence checks, the Chamber cannot assume responsibility for the engagement outcomes of such interactions between members, third parties and potential partners.

Marketing & Brand Management

  • Membership of the Chamber will enable the visibility of your brand/s on Chamber marketing collateral, both in hard-copy and electronic format. Your acceptance of our terms of membership confirms your acceptance of the constructive use of your brand/s on such collateral, in association with the Chamber and other member/partner brands.
  • Where such use is employed by the Chamber for Marketing purposes, the Chamber makes no representation of a commercial relationship between member entities and/or between members and the Chamber.
  • We may present you with opportunities for brand advertising on Chamber Marketing assets or at Chamber events on a chargeable basis. Any such agreement will be subject to terms specific to each opportunity.
  • You may represent membership of the Chamber on your related Marketing material subject to agreement with and prior written approval by the Chamber. Any such representation must ensure that the Chamber is represented appropriately and in line with our values, policies and brand associations.

The Constitution of the Chamber & Supplementary Terms

  • The Constitution is the primary Record of Reference governing the relationship between members as well as between members and the Chamber. You are required to sign and return the Deed of Adherence attached to the Constitution to complete your membership.
  • The supplementary Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) set out herein provide a summary of key Operating Principles between the Chamber and you. You are required to sign and return the Acknowledgement & Declaration form here attached.
  • The Terms will remain in force unless superseded by amended or supplementary Terms. Such amended or supplementary Terms will be notified to you in writing by hard-copy or electronic format and will become effective 30 days from notification.
  • You are required to read and to become familiar with both the Constitution (attached) and the Terms.
  • In signing the Acknowledgment & Declaration below, you are attesting to your understanding and acceptance of the Terms.